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"Accessible Classics" - Austin A30/A35

To start with, our new book details production development, specifications and performance expectations for these evergreen baby Austins. Importantly, it then gives a detailed insight into the unique character, driving appeal and practicality of these vehicles for use in real world conditions in the 21st Century.
There is also a wealth of specific information on how to buy a decent example (probably the most detailed assessment ever produced), and further chapters covering everyday maintenance, specific MoT test requirements as they relate to the A30/A35, rustproofing, using and enjoying the cars (with contributions from around the world, and including club aspects), also 'Restoration Stories to Inspire' - true tales of bringing sad examples 'back from the brink' - to encourage (and cheer up!) others in their renovation efforts.Written from a practical point of view by someone with years of experience of ownership, and with assistance from other long-term enthusiasts, this new book contains a great deal of fascinating information believed never to have been previously published.

This is a high quality, all-colour, 224 page hardback production, packed with essential information for any A30/A35 enthusiast. Like the cars to which it relates, the book has deliberately been 'Made in England'.

First, hardback 'collectors' editions of our new A30/A35 book are available now, priced at £23.95 plus post and packing (£3.95 for U.K. buyers; £6.50 for surface mail to anywhere; £7.50 airmail to Europe and £11.50 to anywhere else in the world). (Note: Total prices, inclusive of postage and packing, are given below).


Don't miss out - numbers of the special First Edition of our A30/A35 book are limited. Why not order today to avoid disappointment?

To order by post, please make cheques in G.B. Pounds Sterling payable to 'Classic Car Publishing Ltd.', and send to us at Classic Car Publishing Ltd., 'Evergreen House', 51, Berkeley Avenue, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4HZ, ENGLAND. We shall despatch your book as soon as your cheque clears.

Alternatively... Please read on for details of how to pay using your credit card. Unfortunately we are unable to process credit card payments ourselves, BUT please see below re. our new PayPal account which enables enthusiasts to purchase our books using a credit card. For non-U.K. buyers in particular this is useful as it is 'instant' and - significantly - it is also free of bank charges for non-U.K. buyers.

STOP PRESS - IMPORTANT UPDATE! We have a Paypal account which enables buyers of our books to pay using a credit card (etc.). via our e-mail address. The service is free of charge to buyers; for more information on how to do this, please read on, then log on to

To pay for books using the secure PayPal service, this can be done from the PayPal website, using our e-mail address:
Advantages include the fact that buying transactions are faster, and free of charge to the buyer. If you have not already got a PayPal account, this can be set up online in a few minutes (at


If you would like to order/pay for a copy of the book using PayPal, the process is fairly straightforward, following these steps…


1. Log onto (if you have not already got a PayPal account, before you can buy using their service, you will need to open an account, following the instructions on the PayPal website - start by clicking on the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the opening page. This procedure isn't difficult, it's rapid to set up and it costs nothing).

2. Enter in the boxes provided your…

i) Email Address

ii) Password (for your PayPal account)

3. Click on the ‘Send Money’ tab (found near the top of the page).

4) In the next window which appears, in the ‘Recipients’s Email’ box, type

5) In the ‘Amount’ box, please enter the appropriate figure as listed below, according to where you live and the chosen method of despatch (in each case omitting the ‘£’ sign please, or the amount will be rejected). In each case the figure includes postage and packing costs. The amount to enter will be:

For U.K. buyers £27.90.

For surface mail despatch to anywhere in the world £30.45. 

For airmail despatch to 'European' destinations £31.45.

For airmail despatch to all other destinations in the world £35.45

6) In the ‘Category of Purchase’ box, enter ‘Goods (other)’

7) You can also (optionally) fill in the ‘Email Subject’ and ‘Note’ boxes

8) Finally, click on the ‘Continue’ button (bottom right hand side of page) to complete the transaction of funds to us via our e-mail address. As soon as we are notified by PayPal that payment has been made, we can despatch your book to you. Hoping that this helps. If you have any further queries, please let us know and we shall do our best to assist. If you do decide to buy the book, we hope that it will be much enjoyed. Thanks again for your interest.

Here is a smaller book Kim wrote earlier... This was in the Haynes Super Profile series. Unfortunately, it has been out of print for some time, and can now be difficult to find. However, if you contact us, we may be able to advise where copies can currently be obtained.

These baby Austins are representative of the cars covered by our first "Accessible Classics" book. On the left here is a 1955 A30 four door saloon, and on the right is a 1958 A35 two door saloon. Both are very much "used and enjoyed".

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